freelearning season 3

E03: Archiving History as an agency of social change.

Durbanite David Marks begun his music career at the famous Woodstock social justice festival 1969, as sound engineer. He is as composer, guitarist festival producer and archivist with the creation of the Hidden Years Music Archive. The archive deposited in Stellenbosch has 175000 artefacts. His composition “Master Jack” became an international hit. Marks shows us how archiving history through social changes provides a connection for an artists career.

freelearning season 3

Nurturing the roots of our culture

Adam Glasser, internationally renowned harmonica player, is a performer and educator showcasing the magic of South African Jazz music. He has performed with Dudu Pukwana and Manhattan Brothers. Today through his innovative online lectures and workshops Glasser is at the forefront of bringing South African jazz composition into primary school, high school and university syllabus. Through working with the evergreen South African compositions and knowing the roots of our expression there is opportunity to connect with a wider international audience.