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Music Free-learning creates a growth path for all involved, from the musicians and band members to crew and the benefactors, the youth. The Music: Free-learning target market is an online curriculum delivery for grades 10-12 IEB and CAP, a bridging course for university students and young entrepreneurs. Online delivery, partnerships and networks makes the material widely accessible.

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Music: Free-learning is produced published and printed in South Africa for the preservation, promotion and inspiration of South African music in the schools syllabus. Should you wish to make an order in South Africa, wll three volumes can be acquired or R150 excluding postage. Email

Music: Free-learning Season Three Africa Year

Music: Free-learning Season Three AFRICA YEAR is brought to you by Sausage Films with the support of The Department of Sports arts and Culture Mzansi Golden Economy, AMPD Studios by Old Mutual and Business Arts South Africa (BASA). Music Free Learning AFRICA YEAR digs deep into the heartbeat of African musics, maskanda, isichatimya, world music, jazz and popular.