Spirit of the Bow

“Spirit of the Bow: sound that harmonises” emphasises the power within sound. It tells the story of Duduzile (bringer of comfort), a traditional girl living in the urban townships. Through the healing sounds of the musical bow she is able to restore her natural flow of inner waters and calm the torrent of conflict.

Th story opens with her grandmother receiving a vision in her dreams: a white robe is with blood. She reaches out to the child… she sees the tensions of disruption, chaos, and confusion, of the cityscape, she calls to her grandchild. Return to your place of knowing.

The vision is a cauldron of city noise, swooning in its delight by bold, confident, flirtatious, youths. Turbulence of waters, the current of change is in force, the granddaughters drink is spiked and coerced her into the arms of suitor, losing her virginity.

Duduzile now, lost, shamed and innocent lies still in darkness. She hears the call to turn away from shame. The sun sets, the moon rises, she lies awake, gazing at the fullness, pregnant poise and noble silence. The moon her only companion holds forgiveness. She is stilled. Gets up, hearing the grandmothers call.

Pregnant and in the homelands, the young woman is gathering, she seeks a certain type of wood, a calabash and some plant fibre. She is making a musical bow instrument, seated on the banks of a riverbed. She tests the fibre linked between her foot and shoulder, she pulls at it. The resonance is harmonic. Her waters become still. Attaching the calabash, she brings it to her breast, cupping her heart, and beats the string with the a stick.

When that sound is penetrated into the waters of life, departing through it departs through the frictions between noise and silence; healing and disruption; turbulence and stillness; chaos and harmony. Sound and water are the carriers of the intrinsic dichotomy, leading to the fulfilment of the intention of its bearer.

The vibration begins to reconnect the heart with the soul, the waters flow in harmony. The meditation connects to the outer world, where the mind falls away and existence with the source is entered. The young women finds herself in peace and support with all of life. She becomes a woman and offers her wisdom to a classroom of children.

The short film is an intimate exploration between the relationship of sound and inner-harmony. It is told through the expression of community, inter-generational learning, and an intimacy with nature and the bow – an instrument of healing, that enriches life.

Spirit of the Bow is produced by 3 companies - Tu Nokwe Productions; Lianne Cox-Music and Sausage Film Company

Sausage Film Company