Sitting Room Concerts

Initiating “Sitting Room” a series of multi-purpose multi-media concerts in Johannesburg is the creation of a long-term pedestal for amazing musical collaborations, that can profile South African music internationally. .

The essence of music always has been and always will be live, on stage, playing for human beings. Sitting Room follows the International Best Practice of concert programmes combining visual documentation, live performance and innovative distribution to reach a wider world-wide audience.

The Sitting Room is the physical sitting space in the townships where families exchange the days happenings, watch online or TV shows. And with the pandemic restrictions on numbers of people in one room, with the curfew, the family Sitting Room, is becoming more the space for live music online listening and appreciation.

We aim at developing critical skills among music professionals with a view to enable them to navigate challenges occasioned by the pandemic. By profiling for starters, six musicians and their bands, creating live show platforms, supporting their CD/LP marketing, through live show offerings, establishing an amazing local, Africa-wide and international music network. We are developing a pedestal for amazing collaborations.

Sitting Room allows for new music to grow and new audiences for the music to grow.

These live show offerings are establishing an amazing local, Africa-wide and international music network. The final product is a live recording that can be distributed digitally online our website and associated streaming platforms. This live recording is edited, refined, mixed, mastered designed and produced into a 5 track CD they can use for copyright registration, marketing, promotions, profiles and sales.

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