Perks: A Bheki Mseleku Story

The lasting impact of Busi Mhlongo’s music training for community development at Umzansi Art Centre, Clermont Township, Durban and beyond.

The central motivation for telling the Bheki Mseleku story at this point in time is the desperate need to re-oxygenate the paucity of recognition and support of a musical genius, as he was. The perspective of the telling of his story radiates outward to the world at large, but is consistent with the root/route originating in South Africa.

PERKS : A Bheki Mseleku Musical is proposed as an interactive live cultural exchange and performance based workshop aims to serve as a foundation to grow this initiative into Mam Tu Nokwe’s next hit musical. The initial phase of PERKS : A Bheki Mseleku Musical is in preparing a worldwide knowledge foundation for the contribution of Bheki Mseleku to music, alongside an active and live methodology in scripting, rehearsing and performing the initiation of this musical.

Such a project centred on Bheki has the same essence as unveiling a submerged river for the quenching of everyone's thirst - the drought must thereby be ended... Eugene Skeef

Sausage Film Company together with Tu Nokwe Productions will host the development of PERKS: the Bheki Mseleku story as a live performance and education based workshop and a multi-disciplinary and interactive presentation that will be performed live, broadcast live online to a targeted audience and documented for archive and inspiration.

Sausage Film Company