Pan African Film Cooperative

Following the IZAZI ZAKITHI philosophy of Professor Herbert Vilakazi to present an authentic knowledge, philosophy, vision and world view of the African existance, thereby protecting the human dignity, freedom, ecology, environment, health and democracy of the African way of life. Professor Herbert Vilakazi at the S.A. Broadcast Content as Language Summit, Durban, 22nd August 2003 advocated for a new TV Broadcast Manifesto including the principles. Turning philosophy into practice is bringing South African stories to life through Sausage Films's rounded holistic approach to collaboration, education, mentorship and innovation.

Writers, actors, producers, musicians, artists, heritage practitioners; creative thinkers:

  • IZAZI ZAKITHI, our knowledgeable men and women to produce an outline of our Philosophy, our Vision of Human Existence, our World View.
  • The IZAZI outline should be a protector of Human dignity, freedom, the ecology and the environment, health and democracy.
  • The current broadcasting practice of degrading African culture and Civilisation must cease. That inferiority complex and prejudice. Feeding audiences with cheap imitation of Western culture has to stop.
  • The broadcasting content has to be appropriate to the demands of the Age and contribute to the healthy spiritual development of South Africans.
  • Sausage Film
  • TV Drama
  • Music Documentary
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Music Education

Music: Free-learning

SE01 Attunement

Music: Free-learning

SE02 Assimilation

Music Free: Learning SE03

2021 AFRICA YEAR edition brings season 3 "Co-creation"

BIKO: Durban Days

A 24 part colourful TV Drama round the life of Steve Biko


A 24 Part adventurous TV Drama around the life of Samora Machel

Music Free: Learning SE04

Season 4 : "Know-how" a coherent snythesis for capacity building

The Holy Grail

TheBritish Cultural Museum holds the artefacts to bring our people out of darkness and into light.

Spirit of the Bow

First episode in a 10 Part Magical Realism Series on the traditional instruments of South Africa

Busi Mhlongo

Amakholwa Believer


The Bheki Mseleku Story