Sausage Films produces audio visual educational works for better accessibility of arts, culture and heritage to include wider young and old audiences across gender, age, and colour.

Is an innovative content creator for South African music preservation and promotion, a Pan African Liberation Heritage and Freedom scriptwriting portal and co-operative talent agency for musicians, producers, cinematographers and creatives.

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  • HERITAGE education development

As an archivist of South African musicians oral history, cultural heritage and best practice, is impacting youth development and long-term employment opportunity.

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Music Free Learning S1 Attunement

Free Music Education

Music: Free-learning S2 Assimilation

Free Music Education

Music: Free-learning S3 AFRICA YEAR

Free Music Education

Sausage Film Creations

Afrocentric film creation

BIKO: Durban Days

A 24 part colourful TV Drama round the life of Steve Biko In development

Busi Mhlongo

Amakholwa Believer In development

Sausage Music Agency

South African ARTS Stimulant

The works of Vusi Mchunu

Culture and Heritage

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